Welcome to MultiCare Yakima Memorial's Volunteer Program

Thank you for your time and contribution! As a volunteer in a health care setting, you must meet the same health requirements as employees. These requirements are for the safety of the patients we serve.

Health Requirements for Volunteers:
*Proof of vaccination or immunity by lab (titers) for: Measles, Mumps, Rubella
*Varicella (Chicken pox)
*Two Step Tuberculosis Skin Test
*Influenza Vaccine

All volunteers must be vaccinated annually in a timely manner and in accordance with the annual influenza policy. You may provide documentation if you receive your shot elsewhere.

To locate records check with: previous employers, parents/baby book, high school/college, physician, military, local/state health department. If you are unable to obtain these health records, Employee Health orders blood tests and provides vaccinations and/ or Tuberculosis testing, at no cost to you.)

Please make note of the e-mail address and password used, as you will need it for future system use.

Personal Information
Emergency Contact Information
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Disclosure Statement

Pursuant to the requirements of RCW 43.43.834, MultiCare Yakima Memorial must ask you to complete the following Applicant Disclosure Statement. This information will be kept confidential. Please answer fully and accurately.